Weekly Adoption Shout Out #WASO Week 36

#WASO 36Support. It’s vital isn’t it? So important in fact that I think it deserves a


But do we get enough? Is it good quality? Does it come from where we expected it to? Do we need more?

So given how important support is, we’ve made it the theme for the Weekly Adoption Shout Out this week, although, as usual, it’s totally optional and we welcome all your posts, as long as they are somehow related to adoption.

Most of you know the score now, but I’m pleased to welcome some fairly new bloggers and certainly some bloggers who are new to us here at The Adoption Social, so a quick reminder of what I’ll loosely refer to as rules, although only the top one is vital for taking part, the others are more housekeeping and good manners:

  • Add your link below. This means, copy and paste the url for your post into the box below. Then add your blog name, and your email address (we don’t pass it on, but we like to have it in case we need to contact you if e.g there’s a problem with your link)
  • Share your favourites on Twitter, Facebook (using hashtag #WASO) and on your other networks – you could even email a link to your social worker or school if you see a relevant post!
  • Comment on as many blogs as you like – maybe those bloggers might come over and read your blog in return.
  • Add our badge to your site (contact us if you need any help with this).
  • Retweet, share and pin our posts on Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest – any promotion for The Adoption Social is promotion for #WASO and in turn, those blogs that take part.
  • Come back again next week!

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