Weekly Adoption Shout Out #WASO Week 52

The Weekly Adoption Shout Out is 1. Yes, this is our 52nd week of #WASO, we started back on 25th January last year and along with an extended Christmas #WASO and a couple of specials, we’ve made it to a year.

WASO week 52

We’d like to thank each and every one of you that has linked up, shared or commented on either #WASO directly, or on one of the blogs who’ve joined in. When we started this linky, we never realised just how popular it would become and how much of a community would grow around it. That’s all down to you  – well done for being a part of something so amazing and supportive.

All of our previous #WASOs are still here on The Adoption Social for you too see, just click on Weekly Adoption Shout Out up there near the top. You can click here for last week’s #WASO for which the theme was ‘A Day in The Life’…do check it out, you can still share your favourite and comment on them too.

This week we have no theme, but as we’re now a year into the Weekly Adoption Shout Out, next week will be: ‘A Year On’. Interpret it however you like – perhaps how things have changed in the last year, what you hope for a year from now. Remember that’s next week’s theme but if you want to write about it now, you could schedule your post in time to link up. Not sure how? Check out our post on scheduling here.

In the meantime, add your links below. And as usual, share as many as you can and show those bloggers some comment love. We’re off to celebrate with birthday cake!

4 thoughts on “Weekly Adoption Shout Out #WASO Week 52

  1. Sezz

    Happy Birthday! A great excuse for some cake today! I’m so glad The Adoption Social has been a success, you’ve put a lot of work and though into it. Xx

  2. Izzwizz

    Happy birthday #WASO, and what an amazing achievement by the two of you. Such a useful addition to the adoption scene, and always lots of interest to read. Congratulations 🙂

  3. lindsay

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY WASO! And congrats Sarah and Vicki and building such a strong platform for all things adoption. The people I’ve ‘met’ through here, being able to write down thoughts, and read others experiences so I know I’m not alone on this journey was a big part of me surviving my first year with Jonathan 🙂 Thank you. Here’s to another great year!!


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