Weekly Adoption Shout Out #WASO Week 80

We LOVE how many of you take part in the Weekly Adoption Shout Out these days – from within Week 80the UK and some further afield, a mix of adoptive parents, adoptees, birth parents, foster carers, adoption professionals and prospective adopters, and writing on a variety of topics too.
You’re a fantastic, supportive community and we’re looking forward to meeting some of you at The Open Nest ‘Taking Care’ conference in York this October. Do make sure you book up soon…

For now though, on with the Weekly Adoption Shout Out. This week we have no theme, so just link up all the posts you’ve written this week, and we’ll share them on Facebook and Twitter. We read as many as we possibly can and will try to leave comments too.
It’s lovely when people read your blog and leave a comment, so be sure to return the favour and try to read some of the others that link up.

If you’re new and haven’t yet added our #WASO badge to your blog, then here’s the code, so everyone can see that you take part:

Prose for Thought
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