Weekly Adoption Shout Out #WASO Week 83

Oh yes, it’s #WASO time…

waso 83Welcome to Week 83 (yes, really) of the Weekly Adoption Shout Out. This week we’d love for you to link up any posts you’ve published recently, and any you’ve found elsewhere that you like. We do have a theme for this week, but it’s always optional, so if you can’t write about ‘SHARING’, we still invite you to join in and link up.

The way it works – you paste in the URL of your blog post into the form below. Add your email address too (just so we can contact you in the event of any issues with your link), and then it appears in the list on The Adoption Social. We read as many as we can, then we share them on Facebook and Twitter.

What you get out of it – well, hopefully more readers, new readers, and readers that can empathise and support and understand. Not only is it free publicity, but it’s also a chance to become part of a supportive online community.

Here’s the linky:

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